The 17 Best Keto Snacks On-The-Go

Finding quality keto snacks without any added preservatives, flavorings, or other unnatural additions can be difficult. Most snacks on the market, including Paleo-friendly treats, often contain high amounts of natural carbs or sugars to help increase their flavor.

This can leave you in a tight spot when it comes to on-the-go snack ideas. But don’t fret – there’s more to it than munching on hunks of chicken or spoonfuls of coconut butter.

There are many delicious keto snack options that can be whipped up in a few minutes and taken with you wherever you go. Below we’ve gathered the best DIY keto ideas to help you take the guesswork out of snacking, while also saving you time and carbs.

1. Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed snacks are similar to potato chips: you can’t just eat one. However, unlike potato chips, these tasty snacks have virtually zero carbs, are portable, and you can enjoy as many as you want without worrying about ketosis.

They are also loaded with minerals to boot, making them an excellent, nutrient-rich snack.

2. Pork Rinds

 Crispy pork skin is a snack idea that can’t be missed. It has zero carbs, a savory and salty flavor, and delivers a satisfying crunch wherever you go.

Not to mention, pork rinds are also lightweight, so you can carry a decent amount in your bag for when a snack craving strikes.

3. Fat Bombs

Fat bombs come in many varieties. The simplest variation combines coconut oil, nut butter, some cacao powder, and pours the mixture into an ice cube tray that hardens in the freezer. You can then pop out your fat bombs and enjoy them as tasty sweet snacks on your way out the door.

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs

 Hard-boiled eggs are a classic low-carb snack full of satiating protein. Not only can you indulge in them plain with a dash of sea salt, but you can also chop them up and scatter them on a salad.

5. Sardines

Sardines are an extremely convenient snack to load up on omega-3 fatty acids and protein. They may get a bad rep, but we swear these fatty, salty fish taste amazing.

You can eat them straight out of the container, top a salad with them, or even eat them with guacamole.

6. Meatballs

 Making a big batch of meatballs with your favorite spices (like pork meatballs with rosemary and thyme) gives you a portable and filling snack option for any time of day.

Simply whip a meal prep-worthy batch, store them in a container, and eat as needed.

7. Blackberries + Raspberries

Yes! You can enjoy the occasional handful of blackberries and raspberries on the keto diet. Just make sure you enjoy them in moderate amounts as the carbs can add up quickly.

We suggest adding a few berries to full-fat coconut cream for a quick sweet treat.

8. Guacamole + Bacon Chips

 Smashing up an avocado into guacamole takes as little as five minutes. Add your favorite seasonings and some sea salt, and bring it with you to work for a midday snack alongside celery sticks or other low-carb crudites. Our favorite way to enjoy guacamole though? With bacon “chips”. You’re welcome.

9. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are loaded with good fats, but also give you a satisfying buttery crunch that can quell a chip craving. Stash a few baggies in your bag or purse.

10. Tuna

 Like sardines, canned tuna makes an excellent, quick low-carb snack. Be sure to buy it wild-caught, and go ahead and try it on its own, with a salad, or even with some sliced avocado.

11. BLT Lettuce Wraps

What happens when you enclose bacon, tomato, and perhaps a leftover piece of chicken, in a crispy piece of lettuce? You get an easy, keto, and portable “BLT”.

12. Coconut Butter Bark

 Coconut butter bark may sound fancy, but it’s a simple combination of coconut butter, coconut oil, stevia, and cacao powder, poured on a tray and frozen until set.

Break it up into pieces, put it in a baggie, and know that if you share it, everyone will become addicted and you may have to make several more batches.

13. Bone Broth

A serving of bone broth typically has between 0 to 2 carbs, making it the perfect savory drink filled with nourishing, gut-healing nutrients. Bone broth also helps you meet your daily protein intake (because you can only eat so much chicken). Pour a few cups into a travel mug to enjoy it on the go!

14. Celery + Cucumber Sticks

 Raw veggies are a classic but often overlooked healthy snack. To keep it keto, stick to low-carb green veggies like sliced cucumbers and celery sticks. Tip: Top sliced cucumber “subs” with an egg salad or some bacon guacamole.

15. Brussels Sprout Chips

Low-carb veggies like Brussels sprouts can easily be transported once you turn them into a chip. Simply bake them in the oven with a drizzle of oil, then package them in baggies and take them to go.

16. Keto Bars

 If you don’t have time to DIY a quick keto snack, there are many keto-friendly (and Paleo!) bars you can grab on the go. When looking for a low-carb bar, check the ingredients to rule out any preservatives and the macros, to ensure they are truly keto.

If you’re looking for a paleo-friendly treat, we recommend NUSH’s mini cakes on-the-go. They check all the boxes for a perfect keto snack: tasty, crave-curbing, low-carb, zero sugars, and 100 percent keto. (PS: We have a penchant for their blueberry and banana nut keto cakes, get them here.

17. Roasted Almonds

There is no easier keto snack than a handful of nuts. Spice them up any way you like, drizzle them with olive oil, and roast them for additional flavor.

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